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which do you prefer Answered

which do you prefer you tube or metacafe? i prefer you tube well because i do.


. I prefer ppl that can spell. ;)

woops didnt look at the red lines under the word

i also prefer 'people' who can spell

. And I also prefer ppl that know what an abbreviation is.

. Declaring a truce implies that one is at war. I thought that the smiley and would indicate that my comments were light-hearted, not mean-spirited. . Besides, even if we were "at war," why would I want to call a truce - in a battle of wits, you are an unarmed combatant. (That's a joke, too)

Not after the comment you just left Kiteman. :-P Incidentally I prefer Youtube. When i heard of it, this happened: *Hears bandwagon rolling past* *Sprints after bandwagon* *Jumps on*

You Tube, simply because I found it before metacafe, so that's where I started an account.

Thanks for not naming this fun question 92 (or whatever number we're on) I prefer youtube.

Um I would probably say youtube cause I use it more