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which is better? minecraft or roblox Answered

which is better? Mnecraft or Rolox? Minecraft is just a boss and roblox is just a loss(that was an epic rhyme)



Minecraft because it is easier to use, has better skin opportunities, and more franchise

Neither is better because they're 2 completely different games. If you're just playing Minecraft for creative mode, then you're missing out on a lot and should go play Roblox because it gives you a lot more freedom and even allows Lua scripting. But, in survival, minecraft wins by a mile.

Minecraft for Sure Roblox is for Babies But Don't get Me Wrong Roblox has a Big Community of Players

Never played either of them. I avoid it like the plague, I don't want to get addicted! :-p

do you even have to ask? Minecraft is the best.

definitely minecraft cos roblox has viruses on it and i like endermen

yeah and roblox is like minecraft for the homeless

minecraft is 2-0 :D

Well Minecraft of course, reasons:
1. Roblox have viruses
2. Minecraft have both multi and single player
3. Most games on Roblox are boring
4. Greedy admins
and much more.

yes. and it is more fun.

i think so minecraft is best because it really works..


5 years ago

Minecraft hands down. Honestly Roblox is kinda lame.

yes it had a virus that killed my moms computer. i wish it hadnt for i would have played alot of minecraft