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which metal is using to make hot sealing for plastic bags? Answered



Often covered with a teflon strip to prevent sticking.

Hmm, and, come to think of it, to stop you frying yourslef,

+2 and I hate the smell of burning plastic.

Sniffing burning PTFE is only done once I believe....

Not for long, if you sniff burning teflon - I think its the fluorine....

.  Unless you get a fairly large dose of fumes, it's not usually fatal. Often produces flu-like symptoms in "moderate" doses (see "teflon flu").
.  Ie, burning small amounts of Teflon (such as burning off a few inches of wire insulation) with any ventilation at all will probably not kill you. It might make you sick, but it shouldn't kill you.
.  There are some very nasty compounds in burning Teflon (you don't want to breathe it if you don't have to), but the quantity produced by most DIYers is usually very low.

.  PS: Fluorine (like Chlorine, Oxygen, and other very reactive elements) is not likely to be found in elemental form.

That's interesting. I've always taken steps to not be near burning Teflon

.  You should avoid it! It can be deadly. It's just that, in the quantities/concentrations/time most ppl are likely to run into, it's not the deadly poison that legend has it to be. I would put it in the same category as getting a small whiff of petrol - I try to avoid doing it, but don't get too excited if it happens.

About fluorine poison the commoner antidote for inhaling some is alcohol.

Back in my 8 to 5 days with Bill Lear who was trying to develop a better working fluid then water ( H2O freezes ) for the steam bus.
One of the exotic fluids was a fluorine ( yes if a steam line blew causing a flash decompression , every surface in the boiler got covered with teflon )
Anyway every employee was issued the fluorine antidote in the form of a half gallon of J&B Scotch to be kept in his desk.

So, many a slow Friday afternoons some engineer would claim discovery of a leak of working fluid and we were obliged to immediately take some of the antidote and some more later just in case.

Ha ha ha !!! What a great story !