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which wiifi dongle to purchase? Answered

i plan to purchase usb wifi dongle but iam confuse that the term 802.11n/a/b/g ,i searched on net that most wifi dongle is 802.11g ,so is that meaning they will only catch 802.11g network,please also notify me weather wifi dongle supports packet capture and packet sending capabilities?



The 802.11 family generally includes fallback capability -- an 802.11g compliant device can support up to 54 Mb/s, but if the connected WAP is only transmitting 802.11b, the "g" device will fall back gracefully. Any 802.11 device must support both transmit and receive, trivially -- TCP/IP is a two-way protocol.

You are correct when you say 802.11g will only connect to g networks.802.11g networks can deliver packets at a max 54Mb/s where as the new 802.11n standard can in theory deliver packets at 300Mb/s.As far a reading captured packets I would assume so, but isn't that a software "thing" ?