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who do you think is a knex expert? Answered

who do you think is a knex expert? some examples r i am canadian, killerk, ext. (those r only my opinion.) so plz comment on who you think is a knex expert. (also you cant vote for yourself. lol)


so, compared to people like me kiteman is better? why?

btw, I cant comment on your profile, I would like to join the "silent protest" can you pro me?

Lmfao, hes talking about knex experts not regular people on instructables.

No. I think you know why, so don't bother asking.

if you think there the best knexers because they hate knex then you my friend have some problems. by definition knex experts are people who are skilled with knex. are any of the people you suggested any good at making stuff out of knex? no.

None of them hate knex. They merely have never touched them, and that puts them at the top of my list. All of these knex guns (crappy/decent) have ruined my taste in knex. So I applaude Kiteman for never touching them, and thus never "ruining" them for me or anyone else for that matter.
Plus, kiteman doesn't bombard the forums with useless forums or with crappy blok trgiger guns. That, my friend, puts him at the top my list.

will you guys ever give us a break?

There is only one person not giving you a break... Not lots of people.

You just dug up a 8 month old post to point out a spelling mistake...

Huh? LOL! I did not know they was another post like this made 8 months ago, with a spelling mistake... :-)

:-) no problem. it is understandable, i have a bunch of old posts that have millions of spelling mistakes. of coarse, then i got firefox and the rest is a blur...

there are non knex gun ibles though (which reminds me, i should do one soon)

you do realize jake has posted a knex laptop stand....

You do realize you're reviving a useless post...

actually, plasmana brought it back to point out a spelling mistake in one of my posts...

you havent made any instructables for knex stuff so how could you consider that you are a knexpert?