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who do you think the best musician off all time is?? Answered




Best Answer 7 years ago

ME!!!! jk I am a musician but not famous I suggest daft punk eventhough they are more so composers and producers but they are still musicians

Charlie Daniels and Steven Tyler are both on top of my list.

Comedic Genius: "Weird Al Yankovic

hav you seen his interview with eminem on youtube. i cried coz it is so funny

Better topic for the Forums than for Answers.


7 years ago

Frank Zappa

An Australian (Brittish born) jazz singer, trumpet (or fluglehorn). He has a very mellow sound which I love. after consideration I can't say the greatest, because that is so subjective. Vince Jones.

Johann Sebastian Bach. Name anyone else, living or dead, who can compose a three-part fugue extemporaneously, and follow it up with a six-part fugue on the same theme.

i read half off your answer and i got headache coz it sounds complicated.

Read the first 3 words, then smile and nod. Kelsey is pretty much correct.

So look up the name in Wikipedia, and you can learn more.