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who hates all the adds on instructables? Answered

please tell me if you hate all of the ads on instructables because i will send a pm to the instructables robot with all of the names




Best Answer 7 years ago

I love the ads! They mean I don't HAVE to pay to access this amazing site. If you're smart you'll click a few every once in a while to support the site without having to pay directly(I'm totally not supposed to suggest that).

Use ad blocker or go pro. the ads pay for the site - these things are not free to operate you know.

I've been using NoScript instead, which works pretty well at blocking ads too since most of them are using client-side scripting. That lets you decide which scripts, on which sites, are allowed to run.

Of course if too many of us block the ads but don't sign up as pro, Instructables may not be able to afford to continue operation. In fact I do let at least some of the ads on Instructables come through (there's a Digi-Key ad on screen right now).

If you want *all* the ads to disappear, why not send enough cash to HQ to pay for the costs of site hosting, office rent, wages...


7 years ago

While sometimes they can be annoying a lot of them are fun to look at such as to my right there is a "Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems" ad that is kinda of interesting and gives me ideas for any future 4-H projects

If you hate the ads (one "d", not two), why not help support the site directly rather than indirectly?

+1. They've gotta pay for the servers, the electricity, the Internet connection and the staff. If you don't pay for what you use, ads have to.


7 years ago

The adds disappear when you log on to your pro account. Except for adds from Instructables and those aren't really adds.