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who here has an iphone Answered

who here has an iphone


i have the samsung instinct (some say its better than iphone but i have no clue as i have never used the iphone) ((some also say its worse)) :P

Go big or go home. $10,000 Microsoft Surface!

I just have to say the Surface looks awesome, but at least 10-15 years early.

10-15 years early? What are you talking about... Technology advances come so slowly because companies are always trying to profit off of what they have... By now there should already be compact pull-out OLED newspapers that get instant updates by a worldwide WIFI thing and is powered wirelessly... Surface should be old tech by now and so should iPhone.

Sorry, I was having trouble describing what I meant. We won't see the surface for another 10-15 years because Microsoft will build anticipation for it, creating a higher demand. It wouldn't surprise me if they've began putting Surface chips in their products already.

I have to get one of those. Regardless of price.


11 years ago

I just saw a friend's yesterday- he showed me the Instructables cool projects newsletter, which actually looked pretty sweet on the iPhone. My phone is several years old, but I'm too cheap to upgrade. ;)

well,come to think of it,the iphone is just another fad. So you can wait for the next phone fad or whatever adults like and save up,then you'll have the latest gear and the iphone(well,atleast this version) will not much of a fad. Maybe the next phone fad will be the Iphone 2 or something, or you can wait for the prices to go down. Some one should make an instructable on how to cut down on things to save money and other money saveing tips.

I don't think it's a fad, in that a fad is generally just something that is popular (i.e. a pet rock) for some time. The iphone however is popular because it's the most advanced technology available for a cell phone. It will be popular, until it's a common thing to have, or the next big break through in technology appears.

The iphone however is popular because it's the most advanced technology available for a cell phone.

The concept itself is not new by any means. I know that's not what you're saying. However, this is apple's first stab in portables (other than, of course, the iPod). Therefore, yes - as of this moment, it is the most advanced - but only because it's new. When the next generation of Smartphones come out -- then, that will be the most advanced tech for a cell phone.

And on the subject of Smartphones... I do not recall the same frenzy when they first came out. And as the iPhone is pretty damned close to a Smartphone - except for the fact that there's no easy way at the moment to install third party software.

I'm curious to know if any larger companies are throwing away their blackberries and renewing with iPhones.

But don't get me wrong - there's only two things I don't like: 1) the 3rd part software deal and 2) ATT -- sure it's easily breakable, but all other Smartphones (exception maybe for the blackberry) are too.

I think it's because smart phones are business oriented, while iphones are fun oriented. The wii wouldn't be so popular if it were for making spread sheets ;). Also, apple has a larger audience of vocal followers...way more than say, palm does.

This is all true -- and completely fine -- but that doesn't change that the concept and implementation are not new and the next generation will be the most advanced. Just like any other industry -- like the auto industry... As soon as Toyota releases a new model -- every other competitor is forced to release their new updated model to compete.

I disagree. I think that the concept of a multi-use phone or smartphone isn't new, but the implementation is very new.

Have you tried using a traditional smartphone and an iphone? They're very different. Who else uses a big touchscreen? Who else uses touch as an effective navigation technique?

I don't have one and don't really want one right now, but I do admit that they're pretty damn cool. How often do you get a cell phone where 90% of the owners are extremely or very satisfied with it? link

I've used two smartphones -- well, played around with (coworkers had them)... Both of which used touchscreen navigation (these are the Treo 770 and Ericsson P990). I really didn't have any problems figuring out how to use them - so I'd say their touchscreen navigation is effective :p Yes, the big screen is great. I'll bet in a short period of time, there will be a smartphone with the same sized screen (if not bigger - but that would be hard). As for satisfaction -- that is a very high number :) But, the phone has only been out for half a month :D Although, I suspect that number will stay high as the demographic buying this are not the aforementioned spreadsheet people (so this is totally new stuff for them) :p My the cell phone belt clip become hip and trendy... again :p

I can easily figure out even the worst phones and as an engineering student I'd expect you can do pretty much the same. Sure, the smartphones have touch screens, but the implementation is still very different. In fact, I haven't read anywhere that there's nothing new with the iphone.

Of course..I was just saying that phones like this aren't just going to pass by.

and ill have enough saved up money when that next big thing happens,and i sorta agree with you,but when the next big thing happens,the iphone will be less popular because of the next big thing,but i dont expect it to be before 2012.

I'm sure there will be dozens of new versions of the iPhone by then and a number of iPhone Killer wannabes. They'll also be much less expensive.

lol what phone have you got?

You mean you are too environmentally concious to replace something that is working perfectly well for the sake of fashion...

I have a paper iPhone.

I have the 8 gig iPhone and I love it. The only thing that has been less than stellar is browsing the web over EDGE (over WiFi it's awesome). Do you have specific questions or did you just want to see who has one?

well,just asking,but can you make a vid tutorial how to use the iphone,because people might want to see what the consumer mind thinks.

I don't really have the stuff to make a tutorial, but all of Apple's videos are pretty right on, what you see in them is what you get.

I've got a 1.2ghz iphone, aka ibook, it makes calls, plays music/movies, and surfs the wide web on a "futuristic" 15 inch screen, sure ya can touch it, but don't expect it to lul you with any glory like features.

My sister is hoping that the rush in iPhones will make iPods partially obsolete, thereby bringing down the eBay cost drastically. Anyone here with an iPhone who no longer wants their iPod?

i may get 1 although i would like to make shure that apple works all the bugs out, and also there has been some contraversi about only haviing 8 gigs on it, i mean come on you can do all that stuff but only with 8 gigs. I think they should make some changes. Maybe in the next generation of iphone they will make some changes. Rick,

Sure you can do all that with 8GB. The OS takes a minor amount of space and currently any third-party apps for it will be HTML/JAVA apps. Until Apple releases SDKs for it (don't hold your breath), there won't be any regular apps developed for it. With current technology, 8GB is about the limit. 16GB and 32GB memory devices are available but way out of range for practical use unless you want to pay $800-900 for the unit. I'm sure someone within the week will post the mod to install these very expensive devices. Likely, within the next year, larger capacity units will be practical.