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who is the forum master? Answered

well you probaly dont know what i mean but ill tell you

ok so what i mean by the 'forum master' is who is the person who always answers the questions and is always on the little side bar thing where it says there name. who is it???



LasVegas, Kiteman, Westfw, Lemonie, with electronical items, I would say Teh-Muffinator. Nachomamma also is quite good with answering questions. Especially his (-) before each comment. Then of course we have the geniuses behind Instructables!

Haha, thanks! But you do realize, those are all people who have been here for quite a while. I think the "forum Masters" are just all the people who really love instructables and contribute on a daily basis!

Hows your internship going...tetranitrate teach you to firebreathe?

I do, and it can't. The problem - it's too reflective, the laser just bounces off. You might be able to if you put something on top of it that's not reflective, but I'm just not sure. I'll try that soon and let you know =)

What kind of laser is it ? because a fairly cheap laser cutter can etch mirrors.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa umm... I don't know if it's possible to count... For example, when we went camping and arrived at the campsite, the back of the minivan was coated in dust. What's the first thing I did? I drew a Muffin. Christy: " You drew a Muffin, Okay, So that's how it's going to be"

For months after you're gone, they're going to be finding little muffins under every piece of paper they turn over.

You should use their giant printer to make several hundred muffin stickers...and have used them all by the time you leave =]

Look at my post of 11:14, which I typed as you suggested stickers.

oh dear... this is getting WAY out of hand. You know what? I'm just going to laser engrave everything I see with a muffin, while making muffinfetti-engraved stickers and large muffin badges ;D

The Possibilities are endless!

So you don't laser engrave a muffin onto it =]

"I'm just going to laser engrave everything I see with a muffin"

i think i see why they didnt teach you how to use the laser cutter right away...

You've probably unconsciously painted muffin in peanut butter...

Yeah, the laser was probably not good for making PB sandwiches....LOL

I suggested stickers 5 minutes before you. I was asking if muffinetti is a shredded muffin.

Use the laser cutter to make muffin confetti (muffinetti?)- cut hundreds from thin sheets of plastic or card, and leave them where-ever you go (in books, files, under cushions, behind furniture, in light fittings...)


Glue dozens of coloured transparent muffinettis to the inside of a translucent lampshade - discomuffinetti!

> I think the "forum Masters" are just all the people who really love instructables and contribute on a daily basis! . Amen!

how come im not on the list? im very good with electronics and computers? and so is guyfrom7up. we should be on.

Maybe because it's an old topic, and that the 14th of August 2007 you were not as famous as you are today ?

yeah. still, im not the only one who posted on it today. but okay, ill stop gripping now.

I'm gonna say Kiteman and LasVegas, cause they both seem like old guys who know something about pretty much everything. In other words nerds who just grew up

Why is everybody suddenly calling me old?? Even my doctor has started using the phrase "Symptom X is just something to be expected for somebody of your age"....

39 is not old

no, 40 is LOL according to my nephew anyways LOL

I turned 40 since this thread was last active.

Wow. I thought you were, like, 65 or something...

Well, hey, you put a picture of an almost bald guy as your avatar...plus, you really do seem to know a lot.

Hey, I started losing my hair while I was still in HighSchool (about 34 year ago)....balding does not make one old :-)

Well said that man!

And Adrian, your Avatar makes you a multiple personality, only one of which is female.

Are you happy now (it's Natalie Teeger from the show...she's Monk's assistant)?

Well, if nothing else, it is a much more pleasant to look at then Tony Shalhoub :-) I mean, I like the show Monk and everything, but he will always remind me of Antonio Scarpacci of Wings. :-)

LOL - from the preview of your post in my comment section, I thought you had just revealed your secret identity to the world!