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who knows other sites that work on school laptopsphotobucket works. Answered



Are you looking for some help with English, or something else?


sorry about the space bar i ment (laptops photo bucket works)

I knew what you meant roughly, but what sort of sites do you want?
The best thing to do is ask people who go to your school, because if anyone knows they do.


i just want sites like this cos im using my school laptop on this site.in the skull candy head phones is that a pic of you??

Yes that is me.
Are you talking about photobucket.com, you want to look at pictures of stuff?


no there’s videos as well. its like you tube but shiter.

School is for your education, if you have to be there spend the time learning stuff.
Going back to school as an adult because you need basic qualifications for earning money is not something people really want to do... (but it happens a lot)


I mean it.
I didn't have much else to do at school, coll' uni, uni, so I made the most of it. Now I've got money to spend on stuff, and I can borrow even more - it works! My pauper-friend is not so happy, and he didn't get much out of school...


do you tease your friend cos he is poor??

No, we've got much better things to tease him about(!). He's a decent chap, but re-doing basic qualifications at the moment in order that he can get some work.


sounds like me in the future lol (not somthing to lol about)

No, not to laugh about - get the grades while you are obliged to be there at no expense to yourself.


Educational sites work quite often.