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who makes a 60 X 70 air mattress? I need one exactly that size but can't find one. Answered


Most queen sized air mattresses are 60 wide X 80 long (some are slightly shorter).

The best I could find to your measurements are 60 X 74 from Walmart. Even most twin sized air mattresses are 75 inches long, so putting two together wouldn't work.

You'll either have to see if 4 extra inches in length will work, or do some work to shorten it, or the more expensive route is to find a company that may custom make one for you (but I'd hate to see how expensive that would be).

Air mattresses come in the standard mattress sizes. A 60 x 70 mattress is just shy of a Queen sized mattress. So why not get a queen and trim the 10" off yourself. Just a matter of getting the correct vinyl glue to put the mattress back together. Not that its an easy thing to do but it can be done.

except fold the excess over and clamp or glue the fold instead of cutting it off.