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who thinks that a animal hide tanning instructable would be good to put on instructables? Answered

in this instructable i would show people how to clean the hide salt it and explore the options of tanning like brain tanning alum tanning and buying tanning solution do you think it would be worth the trouble to make?


I would LOVE to see a brain tanning i'ble!

Im makeing the instructable now all i got left is the pics but i never tryed brain tanning but i can explane how its done.On that instructable i put alum tanning and alcohol and turpentine tanning

Why not? The process of making leather is a dying art. At least in industrialized countries where almost everything is done in a large scale.

No I've never tanned any before but I remember reading an article regarding crafts made with leather and how not many people work on leather anymore.


6 years ago

I would love to see a good i'ble on this. I'm not sure I'll ever have anything to tan, but I would like to know how.

It is a long process and a pain to type lol im doing a deer hide and a squirrel hide to