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who wants learn Chinese? If you are living in Chirstchurch it will be better. Answered

Hi, I am Mei. I am a Chinese lady. I can speak Putonghua and Cantonese, I have come to Chirstchurch  1 year. 
I would like to learn more English I think it will help me to know about the life of value. And I will share the good things to my Chinese friends about the western life style in Chinese. For me It is one part of my dream. 
 If some one interesting in the exchange the language . Please contact with me. 
Nice to meet you here!


Hey, welcome to Instructables Meistaples.

I personally live in New Zealand. But I don't live in Christchurch. I find its a bit cold and 'shakey' for my tastes. I can't really offer any tutoring because I simply don't have the time. But, I do spend a reasonably large part of my day on the Internet doing various things, and I would be happy to help you if you run into any major problems. As Kiteman pointed out we are in the same time zone so if you having any major problems or wondering about something then just message me with your problem and I should be able to reply within a couple of hours. Your English already looks very good and I hope that you can find a fellow Cantabrian (Christchurch person) to give you some tutoring.


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I am Chinese.and i wanna learn english.could you help me?

i really wanna learn chinese. and i don't know how i get started.

I'm on the other side of the planet, but welcome to the site anyway.

Your English is far better than my Chinese.

There are quite a few New Zealander and Australian members, so even if you can't find somebody from Chrstchurch, at least they'll be in the same time-zone.

She could be in the Christchurch in Dorset


Thank you so much for you pay attention on my Comment..

I took too much time to learn English but still think not good enough. Of course the Chinese is quite difficult language and if you thought it is like as kind of the art that it should feel better even not easy to learn it well.

I know this website because we are looking for the good style stuffs for my cafe in Christchurch. It is so amazing to meet nice things and people here. I hope will make more friends who come from anywhere..even they are not in my same time-zone...:)

I want to learn English, I ask how to get started

I have always believed that Chinese language should be taught in every school in the US along with Spanish. English, Chinese and Spanish are the most spoken languages in the world. There are Chinese communities in almost every country. Since China plays a very important part in the world's economy, having many people in our side of the world fluent in Chinese would help improve economic and political relations of both countries. I always wanted to learn Chinese and I even bought a set of CD's, but it is not the same. Being able to find a native speaker to help me learn how to maintain a conversation has not been possible.

Thank you~~You take a little bit more time on it . and learn sing the Chinese songs I think it is a good idea....Make fun and by the way learn Chinese...do you think so? :)

Yes! Like I said there are Chinese communities in almost every country. In US only we have Chinese families that have lived for many generations. These families still hold on to their ancestors language and culture. Many Chinese value education and most of them are professionals. I believe that one way we can all value the contribution of this community is embracing their language and their culture instead of looking at them as "outsiders".

Welcome to Instructables !

As Kitemam mentions, I too am very much on the "other side of the world" literally,  
Do not be to harsh with yourself about English.  American English is full of contradictory rules, because it is made up of many different languages. 
You do very well.

Xie Xie ni Goodhart = Thank you Goodhart..:) 
You made me feel more confidence :) 
Yes I will more brave to  speak and write English :) 

I am happy you feel more confident. Believe me; many "people" in the USA do much worse than you do, and it is their native language.