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who was the very first (non-employee/intern) instructables member Answered

who was the very first Instructables member who was not already an employee or intern of instructables? are they still around? if yes then what was their last instructable? if not then who is the oldest active member and what was their last instructable/comment?



10 years ago

Guess it depends where you draw the boundary... obviously, the first members would tend to be close associates of the people who started instructables.

One approach to find out is to sort the instructables by "recent", and go the the very oldest page - #779 by now. You'll see a bunch of instructables dating back to August 2005. Here's some of the earliest authors, and since when they've been a member:

saul Mar 7, 2005
bgoldin Mar 12, 2005
arwen Mar 13, 2005
colin Mar 14, 2005
argon Mar 31, 2005
joe Apr 20, 2005

For reference, Eric is listed as "Member Since: Mar 7, 2005"

Not sure if Saul was ever "officially" an instructables employee. If not, I'm guessing he'd be the first "non-instructables" member.

Those are all listed under the about tab. Ladyada was also early to join, but I figured that she was in on it :P

You forgot [# Astral Pi-tech], [# Cro McNon] and [# Neo DerTall]. But, they've all been banned ... Probably the first banned ever.

The oldest active member, that'd be goodhart! (age joke...) But that is a really good question. Now I'm curious!

I am still young at heart (even if I can't run a 10.5 second 100 yard dash anymore LOL).

That's a good question. Not many of us have been around long enough to know...

Eric is an employee, CEO if I remember correctly :-)