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why? Answered

I really don't understand why guys get so weird about girls liking the same things they do.....i mean Im a girl and i enjoy video games and things like that ( which i guess is weird) and yeah so what do you guys think about that?...it just bothers me i guess that some things are only seen as guys activities and only they can do them......and its not like im only into guys stuff...im not a tomboy i swear i like to shop...lol..OHHH and i have a psp which i guess is weird....wow im done


i thought you were a 39 year old man?

a 39 year old man that lives in my mothers basement with a beer belly and bad breath...to be exact...lol...yeah not really....i am 16 and a girl :)

My word! Did not ye fail to inform ones self of the subject?!

if you find a girl who's idea of fun is spending over an hour in an electronic parts store, PLEASE pm me

i don't think there are any girl willing to do that

narrator: the engineers hope of finding a soulemate diminished rapidly
cue sobbing. the song "im so lonly cuts" in. engineer goes to goldmine electronics web page to make himself feel better

Uh, sure, if I'm building something for myself and I'm having fun. But you standing there while you shop? Forget it! My boyfriend does that to me in Best Buy all the time. I normally just stand there and go, "Okay, I have my stuff, can we go now? Please?"

i was thinking more of admiring different parts and debating if i really need that 100000 microcandella uv led or if i just want it for bragging rights. hmm, maybe i do need it. hey cool. heat shrink tubing is on saile. still have plenty, but its a good deal. hmm, 100 resistors for 4.99 or 200 for 8.99. even though i bought a 500 pack 6 months ago. hey!! the soldering iron i wanted is on sale. maybe i should buy it. but wait; a new soldering iron model is in. lets admire it for 5 minutes.damn! my high voltage polypropylene capacitors still havent arrived. ohh look. 10 watt resistors on sale. should stock up on those. wow. ethernet cable is much cheaper here. nice; sale on ceramic capacitors! i bought a 2000 pack yesterday, but it has yet to arrive. oh sweet!! 20% off spst units. how can they not have 500 ohm relays. i need more bottled compressed air. but they are so expensive and used up fast. maybe ill get them another time. oh. a deal on trackless perf-board. gotta get some. and so on.

that's what im talking about. now imagin, on top of that, my idea of fasion is oscar, my standard lab coat.

maybe i should dye oscar black. mind you, id have to find non-flammabel paint.

is oscar the name of the brand or like did you name your lab coat?

i named my lab coat. i got the idea from the book "have space suit, will travel" the guy wins an old space suit, modernises it, and names it oscar. exept my oscar does not answere me, and his did. does this make me really weird?

thats depends....do you live in your mothers basement?

no. but my electronics lab does. im only 14.

well as long as your not 50 and live in your parents basement....your good :)

what a relief.
cue happy music

actually, i think white with black highlights is more oscar.

does oscar have a personality...and i think you should make it talk...lol

i'm still deciding on a personality. and finding money for a phyciatrist to help me later with my multiple personalities. so far, oscar can remind me to: ground myself unplug it use gloves DONT touch that hurry up what make you think that works see you in er wrong tool slow down concentrate plus he offers support: it should work theoretically calm down you forgot somthing what the plan and he thinks like me a bit this would be better with neons needs pulsating leds not enough fans mod the @#!$ out of it why woulnt it run faster if at 110 volts it needs 10 seconds, i could buy a bigger motor or try 220 he can also be brutaly honest yeah right you will return that hard to find cabel tomorrow sure, you woudnt change somthing without asking. im thinking of adding more electronic answeres to his list though.

So i see you have thought about it....lol...

i still want to add gadjets to oscar. im thinking and inductive chirpie, and pilot g2mini pen holders.

oops. sorry for typos. spell check does not work on linux apparantly.

the boxes are getting smaller....wooah...so anyway i now want a lab coat and it needs to be PINK...lol

id never wear a tie-dyed labcoat. the dye might be flamabel. plus, i think some black accents would be better on oscar.

i dont really want a pink lab coat..i just want to walk up to people and say i have a pink lab coat :)

ahhh. so its a bragging right.

wow, these boxes are getting small.

fiddles with zoom control

i wonder how small they will get...and YES bragging rights...what a pink lab coat could do with my reputation...

maybe the boxes will become illegibly small!! ruin it? or just change it? lets test the boxes: testtesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttest

it cut me off!!
from now on, we must use small words!

for how long? (maybe you should think of a plan) thank you oscar

it wont scroll right for me. ahhhhh (calm down)

then what? (the end. buhahahaha) maybe if i zoom in a lot then scroll right...

"buhahahaha" evil laugh?....if it is its not very convincing

despit his name, oscar is not much of an actor

since about 24 hours ago. hes now alive. assuming you can pick up his thoughts, wich are transmitted by short neral paths to me.

hmm...well i want some object to talk to me

talk out loud? mine sends brain waves. oohhhh brainwaves.