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why are block triggers bad??? Answered

if somebody makes a knex gun with a block trigger 95% of the time they have bad comments about the gun but WHY????



Best Answer 9 years ago

A knex gun is generally meant to replicate a real gun right? so if you have a true trigger, it is more realistic than a block trigger. However, block triggers are generally more reliable (for less pieces), but true triggers are more fun also block triggers are simple to make and they get boring. i think the best trigger we have on this site is Duoslug's Mini uzi's - it uses a block trigger that is linked to a true trigger - and you can see the mech working + it feels good.

A knex gun is generally meant to replicate a real gun right?

Not even close...

He means with the trigger being pulled, as opposed to being twisted. Etc.

Yeah, think a real gun, the trigger is pulled torwards you, with a block, its twisted on an axis, in most cases twisted with the thumb, and pushing down to the floor. I have no problem with block triggers, but I prefer true triggers.

A block trigger is primitive and makes the gun fake to us gun "Experts" we replicate guns and add true triggers on to the mechanism so that it feels like we are firing a real gun, while it is a fake replica.

they are overused. people want innovation

a block trigger is a trigger this is pulled to the side as opposed to backwards

Most people complain that it does'nt looks so cool. In my opinion, they are not that bad, but i still use them to prevent negative ratings. There is also another reason why people hate it: because the makers are not putting enough effort in it to make a true trigger

beacuse theere is no effort and takes away the feeling of a real gun

cos they are sometimes hard to use with the position and generally are easy to do. People should put effort into their posts

it is no really the block trigger, but that the block trigger is 95% of the time on a bad gun, and the combination just makes a bad gun. *block trigger in the sense you turn it to the side, not mepains version where he calls true triggers block triggers.

Just because they are generaly the same design.