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why are my jalapeno chillis turning purple? Answered


I am growing jalapeno's for the first time and something strange is happening, some of the jalapenos are turning deep purple.

I was wondering, could this be due to sunburn? or mineral defficiency?

they live in pots but the pot is way big enough, generally when the roots appear at the pot base i repot.
Also ive added fertilizer a few times and added some seasol (seaweed extract) recently as well, so there ought to be enough nutrients in the soil.

Could the purpling be from sunburn? some jalapenos are only purple on one side, and green on the other, or could it be sun exposure is causing some sides to rapidly ripen, such as what occures to some apple varieties .

Does anyone know exactly what causes the purpling to occure, and will it at all have an effect on the outcome of the fruit?



5 years ago

My guess is that they are purple jalapenos, a variety of jalapenos. Other than the color, they are virtually identical to the more common green/red variety.