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why are some people so rude when you ask a question? Answered



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Typed responses are often "mean" sounding when the writer just doesn't like to type and wants to use the least number of letters possible or doesn't have the time to provide a long flowing explanation with diagrams and color photos.

Sometimes what sounds like a funny answer on this end sounds like a put down on the other end.

Some people are so sensitive that "Google that" would sound like a harsh beratement.

I've seen very few really rude answers but if anyone gets one you can flag it as "Inappropriate".

Picking a "best answer" if you get a good one would be courteous since nobody gets paid here and it's a small price for you to pay.

Yeah, some people are waaaaaayyyyyyyy to sensitive......

Are you talkin to me!?

See how that works?


Clear as day :D

Some people may be rude because they had a bad day, they may not have ment to sound rude, but some are just rude.

Because some people ask too many questions, without seeking their own answers.
Because some people ask questions about entirely inappropriate subjects.

Try an approach like:

I'm going to Hamburg for three days. I've looked on-line at things to see and do, there's a big theatre and performance scene - its where the Beatles first really played, but the (famous) red light district isn't appropriate for a  16 year old, and parks bore me.

Can anyone make any more suggestions ? 

Do you see the stylistic difference ?



And you never select a "best answer". At some of your normal questions everybody gave some good answers but you never select a best answer even if nobody has anything to add to your question.

Also like Steve said, some questions that just don't belong here like the pot questions. If you want to know stuff like that there are plenty of sites on growing and keeping and recipes with pot.

well im knew here and didnt know that people get upset when i dont pick a best answer

and about the pot questions i asked i was just wondering how its made because i was looking online at school and all websites were blocked so i thought i could ask on here and it wouldnt be a problem so sorry if i made anyone mad with my pot questions

i didnt mean to ask inappropriate questions i didnt know that there were certin things i couldnt ask about

It has been my experience questions  getting rude or hostile responses are usually inappropriate, either due to their subject matter or not addressed to the correct forum or audience.

A few other types of questions that can get folks riled are:
questions coached with "loaded" or emotionally charged phrases

questions that come across as opinionated (these make the inquirer appear not to be interested in a real answer. They're minds are made up and they're just sounding off)

too general (if its a school project give us details and requirements)

or shallow for anyone to come up with a real answer (this is especially true for life questions...we don't know anything about the inquirer or their situation, so be specific...)

questions involving illegal or unethical activities

questions that are easily answered with a quick google search... (these types annoy people because it seems like the inquirer was just too lazy to try or bored)

and lastly but the one that really annoys me... questions written in text speak, abbreviations, and poor grammar (I'm not referring to non-native language errors. These I expect. I'm talking about being too lazy to use spell check or write it out thoughtfully and clearly... I consider that rude. I guess my age is showing)

But then again some people are just ....(choose your favorite explicative)

oh wait! Your 16... watch that potty mouth.. best of luck kiddo :o)

some people just have a bad day, or just wanna comment mean things for fun.

.  I looked back through your last 10 topics and didn't see any particularly rude responses. A few silly, smarta$$ remarks*, but nothing really rude. I think you'd have a hard time making a case for impolite.

*Yep. I'm guilty ;)