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why are turret guns more powerful than regular pin guns? Answered

surely there is more friction in the barrel and turret of a turret gun, like the tr18 or knexsayer?


A turret gun has each round separate from each other, with NO friction, whereas a regular mag gun has a bunch of rods pushing up on each other causing power-reducing friction. True-bolt action has negated this problem for mag guns, but it is still not as powerful as a turret gun.

Each rod has the 4 grooves that allows for connectors to clip on to them. Not only does the pressure of the rubber band on the magazine pusher cause friction on rods in a magazine but the edges of these grooves catch on each other causing for a severe loss of power. Turrets separate each round in their own little barrel so that there is no friction from the magazine or rounds gripping each other. Guns that chamber rounds (i.e. bolt actions) follow the same idea of separating rounds but through a different idea. They push the round out of the magazine into a separate barrel so that the other rounds have no influence on it. Finally, there are also shells for a method of reducing friction. With shells, the rods don't catch on each other. Depending on the gun, some shells also prevent the bullet from contacting the roof off the barrel and thus preventing any friction with it. And those are the 3 main methods of reducing friction within repeaters.

They are more powerful than MAG FED pin guns. The reason for that is that there is friction from the bullet underneath the bullet in the barrel, where as in the turret then that friction is non existent. Note, turret guns are NOT more powerful than regular pin guns.