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why are we asked to open the windows during take off and landing in a plane? Answered

ive always wanted to know why we are asked to open the shutters of an aircraft during take off and landing because the stewardess always tells me to open the shutters at that time


may also allow everyone to see outside incase there is something outside that may be a hazzard. like the wing on fire. and so it's easier just saying all windows open opposed to say only people that are in odd numbered rows can closet their window shades.

I've never been asked to do that. But I think Lemonie is correct. If the plane loses power and the lights go out the natural light might help.

The chances of some kind of accident are much higher during take-off and landing. Having the shades up allows natural light in and people outside to see inside the cabin should things go wrong. L

There's a convention on this, at night people outside might still like to peer into the wreckage, and staggering out of a wreck into a different light may be a disadvantage. The logic may not hold-up in all situations, but it is a convention. L