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why can i not find instructables i've added to a collection in my collection section of profile ? Answered

i have added some favorite instructables to a collection and named it, but i cannot pull them up from my profile. it says i have nothing in my collection, when i go to my favorite instructable to add it to collection, it says its already there



it happened to me too firstly when i did not know.firstly just beside the collection section you will see 'draft'.go into it.make sure you go into the collection draft not the instructable draft.and then you will see your collection.go into it and post or publish it.and you are done.i am quite sure you just added the instructables to collection and given name but did not post it.

It doesn't seem like it's published. I click on your profile and your collection doesn't show up.

+1, Make sure it's actually published and if you did just publish it then it could take a little time for it to show up.