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why can't i connect to the internet with my laptop but i can with other devices Answered

hi, i have a hp running windows 8 and i seem to have a problem with my internet, when i try to connect (wireless) it works for like 1 min, and then it disconnects, saying that there's limited access. I can log in with my ps3, phone and other laptop, so i want to know how to solve this problem.
Please help, thanks.


May be an issue with the wifi in the laptop. Try going out to a location with free wifi and see if you can connect there. If you have the same proble the wifi card in your laptop is going bad and needs to be fixed.

i tried and i am able to connect with no problem in other locations, is at home that i have a problem

try to delete the connection history, so you can make a new one...
or maybe you can try to disable and enable the adapter from control panel

hope it helps