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why cant i see thumbnail pics? Answered

I can not see the small pictures under each step, VERY ANNOYING.



Best Answer 6 years ago

As a temporary fix, switch any adblockers off when using the site.

it works, thanks for the fix. not being able to see all pics had me frustrated, you are truly a master of the interwebs

Not I, I'm just passing on a fix that somebody else found.

What operating system and browser are you using, because I now don't have to switch off adblocker to see the thumbnails, and I'm using FF 10.0.2 & WinXP.

must be the google chrome then. I can't imagine win7 causing the problem. I use Adblock plus. Once i made exception for instructables I was able to view the thumbnails. I suppose 2 ads a page is not terrible, just wish they wouldn't flicker and jump and tell me how stupid i am for not buying whatever crap they are selling. dang it, I have become jaded by advertisers.

as in you can't focus to them by clicking on them?

I see 2 pictures below a step there.