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why cant i use all my ram? Answered

So, I have just gotten my PC back after it shutted down and couldn't boot. Now i have another problem. I can't use all of my ram. It says i have 6 gb, but still i can only use 1,96. How can i fix that ? please respond fast.



Here's what some Googling turned up:
You may need to turn on remapping (something to do with the 64-bit OS).
To do this boot into the BIOS and look for an option called "Memory Remapping" or "Memory Extension" or something similar, you may have to check the user guide for your motherboard.

If you can't do that or it doesn't work also try this:
Go to Start, and type in msconfig and launch it. On the top pick the boot tab and click on advanced options. If the maximum memory check box is checked, then turn it off and leave it disabled and then restart your computer.

It's most likely the first one, remapping.

There are lots of other things to try/check. Also what exactly is your configuration? (2x3, 3x2, 1x6, 6x1)
  • Is your graphics card/processor skimming some RAM? (Check in the BIOS)
  • A few people solved the issue by re-seating their CPU.
  • Check the voltages and timings of the RAM match the factory specs. Some mobos are good at detecting these others are not.
  • Pull the RAM out entirely, clean, reinsert. Try switch which module is in which slot.
  • Are the modules in the correct slots? Most mobo's have a specific order the slots should be used in and it's often not in order.
  • Run memtest. Windows could be shutting some of it down due to errors.
  • Remove one, or more, of the sticks and see what it says. You could have a bad stick.

You don't have a problem that is normal. Te system is showing that only 1.96 GB of the 6 GB are currently being used. Win 7 doesn't need all 6GB of RAM to run. If you where doing more then just looking at the desktop your system will start using more RAM. RAM is there to be used as needed and isn't suppose to be used all at one by a single program.

It says " 6.00 GB (1.96 GB can be used) Im from Denmark ^^. doesn't that mean that only 1.96 can be used or something ? I've also found something else. Today i started up my pc and checked if it was fixed, and it was. I could use all the 6 GBs, but suddenly it restarted and i checked agian, it was 1.96 agian. What could have caused it ?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yep i sounds like something is wrong. Take it back to the place that fixed it and have them figure out the RAM issue.

Obviously they didn't do the job correctly so they need to fix what they probably broke. Make sure they don't charge you for this additional work.

If it won't void any warranties to open the case you can make sure the RAM is seated properly yourself, saving you a couple of trips and downtime.
  1. Switch off the power supply and unplug it.
  2. Lay the tower on it's side and take off the other side panel. You should be looking down at the top of the motherboard.
  3. The RAM is long and skinny and attached to the motherboard. There are either going to be 3 sticks (2GB each) or 2 sticks (3 GB each or 4+2 GB). If you don't know what it looks like google a picture first.
  4. When you've found the RAM, look at it. Each piece should be level and the clips on each side should be up, all in the same position. To make sure they're seated, put your thumbs on either end and press down slowly and firmly. Do this for each stick.
  5. Put the side panel back on, set the tower back up, plug in the power supply, remember to switch the power supply back on, and boot.
  6. If you still get the problem take it back.

Thanks for the instructions, but it didnt help :/. As i said before, My pc sometimes has 5GB useable, but then suddenly it just restarts and it has 1.96GB..

It is really provoking me..