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why can't you enter an instructable into a contest if it was published before the release of the contest? Answered

If you have an instructable that would be perfect for a contest, but cannot enter it because it was published before the release of the contest, why can't you? Is it worth unpublishing and republishing?

The instructable I am thinking about entering into the Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest is the following below:


Of course, it would have to be slightly modified with a few changes, but I think if your computer is running with less going on, it would be faster and therfore more efficient.

If you also know why contests do this, I would appreciate the knowledge!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Probably to encourage new submissions, which means more content, which means more interest in the site, which means more hits, which means more advertiser interest, which means...more money.

Hit the nail on the head Most of the time you can unpublish, revise, then re-publish your instructible with new or better information, instructions, pictures, etc.

Because contests have rules. If you don't wish to follow the contest rules, then you're free not to enter. If you unpublish and republish unchanged, the contest moderators (i.e., the Staff) will still catch the invalid submission.

How big does the change have to be? Can you change a few sentences, or does it have to be an extra step or new images?

Ok, I was just wondering why they do that the way they do. I wasn't sure if there was a way around it or not, but have no intentions of breaking rules that have been set.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. It's bloody mean.


9 years ago

most likely, its in the rules that it had to be posted after a certain date...