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why did all of my instructables get removed without warning? Answered

i dont get why my instructables were taken of the site, especialy without warning.




Best Answer 9 years ago

You only appear to have one Instructable, the "q-tip blowdart", which you attempted to publish today (14 Mar 2009). That Instructable has no images attached to it, and therefore is unpublishable. You should have received an e-mail/PM from Robot explaining this to you.

If you have other Instructables, they'll be listed on your profile page (.../you/) after you log in. If they have not yet shown up as published, then either you failed to complete them (as with the q-tip blowdart above) or they include sensitive keywords that require human review before allowing publication.

 ummm probably because the ibles robot thought they were incomplete maybe not enough pics or maybe you need to increase the number of steps


9 years ago

if it was because of pictures that wont be a problem anymore becauser i just got a new camera

. I see "q-tip blowdart!". How many did you have?

i had 2 not including q-tip blowdart. i posted it this morning

And make sure to check your orangeboard, as well as inbox, as well as the unpublished box for comments.

. The only thing I can think of is that they were unpublished for being inappropriate. But you can usually see unpublished iBles on your personal page. Try PMing someone on staff (About link at bottom of page).

Looking at your Q-tip posting, I'd say it was because of the total lack of pictures. Instructables need images.

probably not why the insts were removed there should be some more severe reason