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why do i have to keep zeroing my gun after every cleaning? Answered

why every time i clean my gun then go shoot it i have to zero it in?



If you're using a cheap scope, or a scope not rated for that caliber, the impact from firing/transportation/cleaning is probably deforming or moving the scope's internals.

Are you using the same scope on 2 different caliber rifles or the same model scope on 2 different rifles? If you are using the same scope on 2 diffent rifles then the zero can change due to many factors, ballistic differences or the mounting of the scope (rings, mounting screws, base).

If the rifle is being properly cleaned and lubricated then the zero should not change. The rifle should have been cleaned prior to sighting in and after you finished shooting the rifle, especially if you are using corrosive surplus ammunition.

Also, is the Zero change on a cold bore shot. IF that is the case then that is normal. Once the barrel heats up then it should fall back to the set zero. ANother questions I have is are you shooting the rifle supported or un-supported? That makes a difference as well.

I suspect that the scope is loose, which would affect your zero. I would check that first and if the scope is being changed between 2 different rifles, I would invest in a Wheeler Engineering Torque Screwdriver to ensure a consistent tightness of the mounting screws.

What kind of gun?
What is you cleaning rod made out of?
Are you letting the cleaning rod drag in the muzzle of the barrel?  You shouldn't do that and it can effect the accuracy but should only after many cleanings.
What are you shooting out of it?  Pure lead bullets?

gun is remington 22-250 and 25-06. is a one piece rod i know its a very good one.plus i have the safey rod that goes in the action so u dont touch the receiver or the barrel.but after i site it back in it shoots 1\2 groups in both gun witch i reload.i shoot match bullets. ive been using gun foam cleaning that you leave in for about thirty to 1 hour then clean it out. but i use to clean with the same stuff but just used a pull string  . but before i would just use a patch on the rod and it wouldnt change my zero but cant find the foam cleaner i use to use it done lot better than the new stuff i get now. i use berger match bullets in 22-250 and hornady sst in my 25-06. thanks for writing me back

I had a feeling that maybe you weren't shooting well enough to really tell whether or not you were sighting in wrong.  I APOLOGIZE, IF YOU CAN SHOOT 1/2" GROUPS YOU ARE MUCH BETTER THAN ME.

What I suggest is you join a shooters forum that caters to competition shooting.  They are going to have a better grasp on this problem then most of us here.  It's just too darn specialized.

well the h 380 with 38 grains and berger match and remington 22-250 it goes together good . but the 25-06 with h4831sc hornady sst dont shoot as good its around 1 to 11\2 groups i dont like the sst that much but its hard to get what you want with all the bullets on backorder sold out  but i like the 120 grains flat bottoms in hornady and the 100 but they are all on back order. but i think im not getting it clean good enough with this new foam cleaner.do you reload?  i rather not join shooters that cater to competition i aint that good i just work hard at it . i give credit to what i use you just have to experiment til you get it right. some of though sharp shooters think they are to good to talk to you. i like to talk to people that can learn from me and i can learn from them . thank for your opinon i always like to hear what some one else can help me with.

Do you mean you have to calibrate your sight after cleaning?

I'd guess you nudge it when you clean the gun.

yes . have to zero my scope in every time. i believe the new gun cleaning foam aint good is the gun cleaning foam i use to use but i cant find it no more.

.  If Kiteman is not right, then I suspect that you are not doing a thorough cleaning and the barrel is slightly different each time.

i think the new clean gun foam im using dont do the job but i cant find the gun cleaning foam i use to use it was good u would just spray it in leave for a hour then use just a patch some time a pull string i beleive this stuff aint cleaning it good enough. thanks


8 years ago

I'd say the odds are about 99 to 1 that you are inadvertently moving the sights (front, rear or both) when you clean it.
I would break it down and check all the screws to make sure they aren't loose and then re-assemble, again making sure the screws are tight. If the sights are mounted in a dove-tail groove, you may have to take it to a gunsmith to do the job.
If the rear sight is mounted on the rail of a semi-auto pistol, it is slightly possible that you are seating the barrel improperly when re-assembling.

well i using my scope on both guns. i use gun foam cleaning but im using new kind i cant find the stuff i use to use you could keep it in for 1 hour and just use a path some time i used a pull string because i dont like to use a rod and i never had this problem before . i think this new cleaning foam aint cleaning it good enough. when you clean your guns before shooting does it hit the same you had it zeroed for?