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why do i not have much leg/arm hair? Answered

i am 14 years old and have minimal leg/arm hair i do have some but not much is there any reason?


As others have said: The reason is, you're you. Different people mature at different rates -- and age 14 is right in the period where those variations are most noticable, and when people are most worried about them. Even after bodies settle down, this varies from individual to individual depending on genetics (at least) and possibly environment you grow up in (there is some evidence that the density of hair follicles and sweat glands may be partially set by the weather you experience as an infant.) So: Relax. In about four years, you *may* know how much or how little fur you'll be wearing for the rest of your life... or at least until you start going bald. At which point you can start getting worried again, if you really insist, but doing so is just about as useless.

Yep, your only 14, give it 10 years or more.

Because your lucky! and in time it will come don't worry.

Because your ancestors spent far more time living by the seashore than their hairy cousins farther inland. Because you haven't gotten old enough to ahve it growing from every pore of your body. Because you are simply less hersuit (sp) than others. Don't worry about it. One good thing that comes from being less hairy (in general) is that you age more slowly than your hyper mature peers. What this means is that when you reach the ripe old age of forty or so, your friends will be bald and paunchy, and you'll be fit and trim (with any luck)

Be careful what you wish for, some people hate having body hair and having to shave daily. Hairless is in these days.

Don't sweat it, everyone is different, if it comes it comes. If it doesn't, don't worry about it. There is nothing wrong. It don't mean nuthin.

Maybe you're just a smooth kinda dude. :)

There's some random chance to it, but it's mostly a matter of heredity. If your father is also a smooth kinda dude, it's likely you will be too. But if your older brother has to have his back hair waxed, then you're probably headed in the same hirsute direction.

It will come in time.Besides, you have way more important things to worry about right now. Like school. :) Best wishes.


8 years ago

Some of us just don't have much body hair. Its genetics for the most of us. I didn't even start shaving until I was in my twenties. Don't sweat it, if you get hairy, you get hairy. If you don't its no big deal. Either way, you are what you and that's a good thing.