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why do my cookies rise and fall while still in the oven? Answered

they go flat and look kind of gooy and form 1 giant super cookie I make them the same way I always have but I still get the problem ime also kind of new a backing so pleas help



Dough/batter will inflate as it heats up - The air you put into it when mixing expands. if your using baking powder then this will activate and also inflate the dough/batter.

As it gets hotter the sugar in a cookie dough melts - this makes them spread.
When it cools this will make them crispy.

Try putting less on the sheet or putting them further apart. They will spread more if you put them onto a non stick surface as well.

Although gooey when hot they should coll and be OK.

its just that they go realy flat and look gooie I ws worried I might poisen someone anyway your saying they should be ok

One more thought. Are you substituting margarine for butter? (Or butter for shortening?). The fat used in the cookies can make a huge difference I now much they spread.

I use butter I think the name is stork or something like that it sais its good for baking so I got that

I see this a lot, what kind of cookies?
Your batter is wet or your main ingredient is wet.
Try a dryer batter mix such as if you are making oatmeal cookies more oatmeal or less water.