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why do some of the more basic classes not have more advanced counterparts Answered

(this is targeted more towards HQ so if any body can either get them to see this or answer with what they would say, please do)

i have a few questions:
 - why do the most of the simple classes not have more advanced counterparts
 - what qualifies a class suggestion to be made
 - how long do classes usually take to make




1 year ago

Part of the reason for the freeze is that it takes a lot of time and resources to make a class, so we want to see how this initial round of classes performs on the site. In the future we may strategically make more classes, but as of right now the production of new classes is on the back burner.


1 year ago

Hi there!

The intention with classes was to cover a broad range of topics to help people learn enough to get them started in areas that interest them.

New classes are not currently being created, but when they were being made the average time to produce one was about two months.

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager