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why do we hate bananas? Answered

Why do we hate bananas? share why here!



I Like how this went from bananas to cheese and sandwiches.

They make the roof of my mouth itchy. They shall pay one day. One day...

They get over ripe too easy...

I don't hate bananas.

In fact, I have just finished eating a banana and peanut butter sandwich.

(Who says Americans don't contribute to world cuisine?)

. The thought of a proper Brit eating a PB&B sandwich strikes me as exceptionally funny. PB&B is about as Redneck as it gets.

I'll swap you - try a cheese and jam sandwich. Make sure it's a fairly hard cheese, and a tart jam.

Oh, I'll call your bluff on the cheese sandwich and raise you a sweet gherkin (pickle) and Cheese Whiz sandwich !!!

You ever try a baloney and butter sandwich on Wonder Bread? For some reason, that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth also.

Cheez Whiz (what name for a sandwich spread LOL), wasn't all that sticky IIRC. Peanut butter....especially the natural stuff, is very sticky though. But yes, I love Bologna sandwiches, with either butter, or a slice of cheese and mayo. (pop that latter one in the microwave for a few seconds, until the Bologna starts to sizzle and you have a nice hot sandwich too).

also good is fried spam and cheese sandwich, with the sandwich cooked in the spam grease! that is some good eat'n, i tell you what.

Although those are good, they don't really fit the conversation. They were talking about unnatural combinations. Spam and cheese makes perfect sense!

i thought we were trying to see who could gross out Adrian Monk.

Maybe so. I just thought of the "gross out Adrian" thing as a fringe benefit, not the real point. Either way, Carry on with the spam/cheese, Sir!

That is WAY too salty and fatty for my diet....I can't end up back in the hospital again ;-)

its probably way too salty and fatty for any diet. If i could marry a sandwich it would be the spam and cheese, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling in your chest like love does.

Oooo good ole Pepper Jack cheese Yum....but I get the Habanero version ;-)

Only if you eat too much of it or don't chew it well.....I have learned not to use Big chunks of hot pepper in food I make for myself.....if I don't chew them well, their is a hot time in the water closet 24-36 hours later.....

more like a fire bomb....but I have it pretty much down to a science as far has how much I can eat without burning my butt off.

We'd better end this one before it gets ugly.

Yeah, it would give a whole new meaning to brown and serve meals (blech)

You know youve exceeded your dose when it burns a hole in your shorts and takes the enamel off the toilet.

Well, love doesn't clog your arteries and give you a heart attack ;-)

You're right, that needs a little lightly cooked calamari to soak up the grease ...

Well, to be honest, the first time I got to try it, the little suckers on the tentacles almost threw me for a loop. . . but I got by that and it was good :-) (you might say I became a sucker for suckers)

The live sushi octopus and squid might be hard to swallow. I guess it gets stuck to your throat.

ive had baby octctopus but it wasnt live. Octopus is one of those things you can put on anything.

Yeah, it just gave me pause the first time I had it :-)

Nah, you just chew (and chew and chew) it well

that wasnt vomit, that was your mouth salivating for a tasty grilled spam and cheese. :)

slap a little calamari on there, that it would be perfect ;-)

I have learned not to knock anything if I haven't tried it..... ;-)

It was quick and easy for me when I was a Younin ;-) Spread on the cheese and press in the pickles....put the two halves together and....LUNCH :-)

Thx for teh link, I always thought the term was derived from having a farmer's tan.

The PB&B is served and relished by royalty as evidenced by The King.

. Yeah. That was a new one for me. I always thought it was the sunburned neck thing, too. The more I learn, the more I realize just how ignorant I really am. ;)

The only good banana is in banana nut cake. Any other banana is sticky, and useless. Especially when you try to eat them, and you get those strings on the side, which are unusually bitter, and they ruin the eating experience.

I only hate them when they're fully ripe. I like my bananas green!