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why does men always think about sex!!!!!? Answered

when they are on a date ...the main thing they think about is when am I getting the chance to sleep with her!!!!



Turning it around: Why do women always think men always think about sex? Realistically, I think Kiteman's got a valid point: If it's a "date", the point is a relationship, which will ultimately have to deal with the question of sex. If it's just a dinner and movie with a friend, that's a different matter. Admittedly, young men (and young women) sometimes have trouble drawing that distinction. It gets easier as you develop more maturity, and more willingness/ability to make sure the other person is playing by the same set of assumptions you are. Leading someone on, or pressuring someone who isn't interested, are both unfriendly actions.

women think that because they are thinking it too.i agree with kiteman,all creatures (plants included) on earth are pre programmed to reproduce.why do men find womans hip area so attractive?because the pre programming tells us its designed bigger and shaplier for the purpose of childbearing.

lies we also think about the bill that you are increasing with your expensive tastes


8 years ago

because they have penises

Biologically speaking, that is the ultimate point of a date...

Single -> (date) -> couple -> (sex) -> family

Ah, I see what you mean by ultimate now (thought you were saying that was the immediate point). :)

disagree with lithium. We may be sentient, and philosophical - but we are chemically programmed to reproduce. That is why it feels good. There have been countless studies and psychological analysis' done regarding motivation - genetically we are programmed for reproduction. Dating, relationships, family, caring, social acceptance/interaction are all parts of a healthy lifestyle and psyche - but below that we are motivated by chemicals. --Where I agree with lithium is that some people care more from a psychological standpoint about the person and feelings, and 'relationship' - but its more often the case that people are motivated by their pleasure centers...

Ah, of course, but I still disagree that that is the entire point of a date.

I agree and disagree I ,and many people I know, have another factor: CONTROL! Controlling you're emotions towards a person, or a "goal" as some people put it, can greatly help you both until both of you are ready for that kind of thing. (And keep you from looking like a fool) Another is how much of certain chemicals you're body has. Some people have the right amount, some have more, some have less. Some of my friends have a hard time getting into a relationship because they don't have a '"drive" to be with that person. It's kind of a downer to have something like that.

What I brought up but didn't emphasize - regardless of control there are chemicals. They are the fundamental level, like a pyramid. All people with or without control have the genetic drive to reproduce, but not all people with the drive have control :S

I meant that some people have a type of mind where it's "Gotta do it, Gotta do it" no matter who's involved and gives the rest of us guys a bad rep. And I'm not trying to start a debate, it's just what I think.

We don't ALL the time, some of us think of answers to dumb questions on instructables....

A bold generalisation with which I personally disagree.

how is it that you know what they are thinking are they staring or do they talk about sex? How do you know?