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why does my computer (a gateway NV52) keep shutting down at random times? Answered

It seems to only shutdown when i play games that require a lot of power like borderlands or SC2. It seems like it is from either an overworked GPU or it using too much memory. its got an AMD athelon x2 64 bit processor, an ATI radeon intigrated graphics card, and is running Windows Vista... and please no linux users telling me its because im running windows... i would rather be running ubuntu but i need more hard drive space. this is really annoying and any help that could be given would be appreciated. Thanks!


Notebooks are not designed to play average graphic games such as borderlands or SC2 even if they has minimum requirements.
It come as their standards for mobile computers, not for gamers, they are mostly designed for students and business men.
If you owned an Alienware, and got these problems then yes, you might get some support.
But on a standard and regular mobile computer, his videocard or cpu will get hot if there is no proper cooling, here are some advices:
- NEVER try to remove thermal protection from BIOS, it may damage your computer
- Do not play games in warm places, or in direct sunlight it may cause your case to heat and slow cooling.
-Here are some tutorials on how to build a cooling pad for your notebook, just search for it.
- Try to clean your CPU cooler, since your graphic card has a passive cooling system, that mean there is no fan ventilation, or maybe i`m wrong.
- And not the last, try to get some breaks from games, don`t play them for 4 hrs in a row, for example.

Hope it help.

Overheating is probably your problem. Try improving airflow, if that doesn't work, then you may not have enough power. Power supplies for Desktops are pretty cheap (not sure if it's a desktop or notebook), but notebook power supplies shouldn't be changed. (Unless you REALLY know what you're doing)

+1 on the overheating, a right proper cleaning of your notebook's heatsink and fan is in order but won't change the fact it simply does not have the guts needed to play the games you described in any meaning full way.

good luck

What you you think?
Are "overworked GPU or it using too much memory" guesses, or do you know that you're pushing it?
The thing is very most likely to be overheating, shutting-down prevents permanent damage to the machine.
So: Give the thing a very good and careful cleaning. Then turn down the graphics settings to the minimum and see how that goes, then start turning them back up a bit at a time until you know your limits.



6 years ago

It sounds to me like your overheating the on board graphics. Open the case and monitor the temp of the GPU heat sink. You might need to put a fan on it or get a bigger heatsink. I would think about getting a stand alone video card. Integrated graphics is not really intended for gaming.
There is a chance tha tit could be the power supply but I would still go with overheating first.