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why does my computer have to instal the software for my mouse every time i plug it in? Answered

As the question says i would like to know why my laptop always has to install the software everytime i plug it in and if there's a way to just keep it so it will always work


it shouldnt be needing to reinstall the drivers all the time, would you mind telling me how old this laptop is?

my dad used to have a old dell laptop that kept on uninstaling the audio drivers, as it turns out his hard drive was dying.
im not saying your is, but if its a older laptop you might want to get that checked out.
otherwise, do like vyger said but keep the driver files so you can install them when you are away from wifi.


7 years ago

Like Vyger said, download the appropriate driver from the manufacturers web page and store it locally on your machine.
You'll also have to change the setting about how your system handles new hardware. It can be set up so that the system isn't looking for drivers by itself.
This option should be located within the windows update thingy or somewhere within the control panel.

Well, maybe if you plug it in to a different USB port, IDK. My mouse installs rather quickly on my Lenovo Thinkpad (R500)

its not that it takes a long time to install, its just it wont install unless i have access to the internet, so when im at school or somewhere that either doesnt have wifi or i dont have permission to use it i'm unable to use the mouse

thats wierd, it shouldnt need IE, try reistalling it. or go to control panel and figure it out


7 years ago

If its a Logitech just go to their web site and download the newest drivers. Logitech software is very good.
If its another kind try and find the latest drivers from the company web site and see if that will work. Install it yourself rather than letting Windows do it.
If that doesn't work try to change the drivers to the generic windows drivers in the control panel, or the device manager. Specify the driver (Windows driver) that you want the device to use. It might override the problem and make the change stick.

Did you install the software that came with the mouse properly?

It may be installing generic software when it can't find the correct driver.

Generic software would not run automatically the next time since your os is looking for the correct driver to load.

What kind of mouse?