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why does my laptop only connects to my home wifi and no other wifi ? Answered

hello im using adsl connection in iran  and recently after installing a new game my laptpo only connects to my home wifi router and no other wifi or hotspots i tried updating drivers and turning off the firewalls or disabling my antivirus but still it only works on my wifi at home and nowhere else plz help tnx



This is a question that gets asked fairly often and is really hard to answer because we are not there and don't know what your system is doing or configured to do.

Generally if you have a problem with a specific router or system putting the details into google will find any others who have similar issues and you can try their solutions.

If you have entered the wifi password for the new router your PC should be telling you some information re can it connect or not and perhaps why.

If you have a problem after installing something then uninstall and or roll back to a previous system restore point and see if things are better.

Assuming your wifi connection is operative and it seems it is then it has to be the signal strength, the password, the router or lap top configuration. technically there should be no different between your router and that of anyone else, but they are complex things.

It is usually a Windows 10 problem or cuased by an update to Win8.

Google is literally flooded with it - same for working solutions ;)

Are you guessing or deducing win 10?

Interestingly my son upgraded but did a clean start install and once stabilized has had no problems.

i however did the upgrade route and have suffered much as others with sound issues,loss of various desktop icons and facilities etc. Most/all sorted out eventually but I dislike MS using the customer base as a vast test bed even if they did give win 10 - or 8.5 as i like to think of it - away for free.

It just comes down to sleeping when the market changes.
MS played the tablet and mobile world down as a gimmick, by the time they realised they were wrong it was too late.
Same story for their OS.
Vista was a total flop, Win7 is still not really perfect, while Win8 was abandoned by users the same way it was dropped by MS.
Win10 is just another incomplete flop for the user to accept and do the beta testing for.
Maybe when we get Win29 it will be a usable OS right out of the box...