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why does my wind turbine keep turning out of the wind, despite having 3 tail fins, and light blades? HELP!? Answered

my turbine has a 30watt motor, and 3, 18inch blades. tail fins are pretty big, flat plastic panels. held into the wind wind on its mounting, it will spin, freely, and fast, generating about 15 volts easily. but when its is released to operate independantly, it rotates in the wind, and settles with the axis of rotation perpendicular to the wind, and the blades stationary. any tips?


Having the tail in the vortex of the spinning blades pushes on one side of the tail negating the force of the wind to keep it faced into the wind. Try lowering or raising the tail out of the vortex. Al

You will all be happy to hear, that after a major re build, i now have a workin turbine, that stays in the wind ! YEAY! Also, as a btw, if u live in a wet climate, DO NOT use any type of timber/wood in your turbine designs... it will rot, in no time flat. i used sum marine plywood in my first model, and afer 4 days of unusually rainy august weather, it was like sponge. so for the redesign, its all steel and plastics. thanks again for the advice.

Thanks guys, you have all suggested the same thing, and the one thing i hadnt thought of yesterday, wen i first had the problem! ill let u all know how i get on later!

Put the fins further back. Not only will they be able to provide more torque to keeping the fan pointed (basic lever mechanics) but it will also be more in the stream of the prevailing wind rather than lost in the churn from the fan.

It depends on the relative spacings of the fins from the pivot. Any pictures ? Put the fins further back, away from the pivot