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why does our noses run and our feet smell? Answered


because if they traded jobs, we'd go insane.. think of it as evolutionary mercy..

i know! becasue our noses have to get away from danger if they are threatened, so they evolved in such a way that they can run. and our feet smell becaues thy're allways locked up in shoes, so they smell because they don't have anything else to do: they can't see anything in a show, they don't want to tast anything!, they can't see anything, and they only touch the shoe, so all that is left is to smell! :P

  • Our nose run when we breath in moist air.
  • Our feet smells because it sits in thick socks and hot shoes therefor generating a lot of sweat which is smelly...

Noses also run to help combat infections like the cold. Also, sweat does play a part in the smell of feet but thats not the whole story. You see, warm, moist conditions are perfect for bacteria, which digest dead skin cells and give off a smell. When it gets out of control (or if you dont wash your feet for a while) you get athletes foot.