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why dosents the dirt soak up all the water in ponds? Answered

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If you dig a hole and fill it with water it will slowly, or quickly, drain in most cases. Naturally occurring ponds are totally different and can form for various reasons.
If there is a dip in the land that drops below the water table, or the water table raises above the land, then it will fill with water even if there is no rain or run off.
If an underground "stream" runs into a low spot a pond will form. Water is flowing but you can't see it come in or drain out.
If you have rain and an area of ground is close to the water table it will absorb as much water as it can but at a certain point the dirt becomes saturated and water builds up.
If an area has poor drainage you can form a pond if more water flows, or falls, in than can drain out.
Year round natural ponds often will have clay not far below the surface which prevents water from draining through.

First of all dirt doesn't really 'soak up' the water. Some dirt is finer then others and will stay suspended in water for a time but will eventually either float to the top or sink to the bottom.

As mentioned before the bottom of the pod or the surface under the dirt is generally clay, rock or right at the water table which is just above a major rock/clay layer. The actual dirt in the bottom is over saturated by the water and there is no where for the water to drain through. In areas where water doesn't pool the dirt is allowing the water to quickly drain through it. But if you put enough water down you'll over saturate the dirt to the point that you putting more water onto it then it can effectively drain through it.

"It depends".

There may be a naturally waterproof layer of clay or stone, or it might be in a depression that dips into the local water table, in which case the soil around the pond is simply already full of water.

There isn't enough of it.
If you tipped enough dirt into a pond then it would.


we have a pond in our back yard where i live, the soil is black clay and holds water well. So all you need is to dig a big hole and it will fill up with water.

My buddies house has sandy soil and doesn't hold water at all, so if you dig a hole it will stay a hole.