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why exactly did instructables create pro accounts??? Answered

now I can't view all of the steps on one page! *sadness*



Best Answer 9 years ago

We created it to stay in business and continue to be able to offer you a platform to share your projects. You should be able to view all steps for a few more months as you were registered before the change.

yes... i want instructables to stay alive, and i think pro accounts are a good idea. I know that you must provide incentives to make pro accounts enticing. As a PR move taking away features from existing members is not a great way to make an incentive. Specifically, favorites and all steps should remain a free feature for those that registered before the pro announcement.

Have you folks looked at setting up an online business incubator and assisting makers in commercializing their technologies? There's a gazillion niche products from folks who don't know how to put together a short run. By setting up an incubator you could get put together the backend resources the community needs. Incidentally this would create a secondary sales market not dissimilar to an E-Bay buyer/seller relationship for kits, parts and stuff... Also you could consider focused links, for instance many instructables use specific products and so on. By setting up affiliate relationships and encouraging authors to provide product links you could generate some targeted responses. In an ideal world it would be possible to create a shopping cart of project items and have a reader click once to clear PayPal and get the order in the mail.

i hate that they made the pro option (waste o money in my opinion)


9 years ago

This isnt really the place to say so. But i could give up the PDF's and the all steps, but losing the favorites sucks.