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why is KILLERK's gun still so popular? Answered

why do you think KILLERK's gun is still so popular?


KILLERK's gun has is quite simple but yields great results. It's the most powerful gun on this site, it's easy to build, and it's a handgun. These make it more appealing to the masses of people who want to shoot something from 200 feet away. And when you look on the site and see somthing with 300+ comments, wouldn't you click as well?

In response to: "It's the most powerful gun on this site" I'd rather be shot by a sharpened sniper rod from KILLERK's gun than my cannon lol.

i would kall his popular i intend to make it cuz the others i tried are semi autos and either dont work or have to many peices but just looking at this gut i would say i sould be abla to load and shoot it fast and itll be easy to build

i wish i could build killerk's gun but i dont want to sharpen the rod and i know if i did't it probly would go like 10ft =(

hey u dont NEED to sharpen it

lest put it this way

i didnt =)

ok, i think i will make it because it probly will not take long.

Reasons may b the following: POWER! POWER! And a little more POWER! SIMPLICITY EASE of operation CLEAN and solid looks Basically it is really really ridiculously good looking as Derek Zoolander says it best jk To be honest w/ u I think the distance and accuracy is what sets it apart and keeps it popular


11 years ago

mine shot like 14ft i much rather have ipod killers gun than killerks(unless i had the exact one he used with the exact rubber band)

Your rubber bands are either weak or your rods are bent. Even my AST Rifle shoots farther than that.

erm well probably exaggerating 14 ft... ok ill say an estimate of 26ft

Usually, for every question about why something is... the more appropriate question is... why not?

words of wisdom indeed... I have no experience using Knex. But there seems to be an abundance of Knex weapon instructables. Why not make an instructable on how to build a Knex water filtration system or a Knex robot? That would be 'c'ool!

not as cool as a gun that shoots over 200ft! u can c it on my instructable if u like


dunno... I build it to i had a few days fun of it but now i build the knex ast rifle and thats my favorite guN!

:) That would only be possible if you actually had the broccoli band, I assume lol. Otherwise it would shoot less than a meter.

hey, did you c any of my guns? i have 4 guns and one sword

im planning to build a VERY complicated gun.........and i think that his gun is still kool cause it works, looks good and is kool

i dont know why its still popular. I didnt even know it was still popular

because its powerful and accurate. But i still havnt got it to work.