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why is a pizza box square if the pizza is round ? Answered


Pizza boxes are designed to be flat packed for ease of storage. Making them square makes this easier they can then be folded in the shop ready for use.

Round ones do exist - Moulded in most cases and I guess more expensive to make because the process is more complicated.

The pizza box if delivered is going to go into a square bag soe the shape keeps it oriented in the bag.

may i ask why is the pizza slices triangle ?

pizza slices are cut into wedges, not triangles.

Pizza comes in round shape because it is easier to to get the pizza out of the box.


It's cheaper and easier to make square pizza boxes than round ones. The production of a round pizza box would be expensive. It would be labor intensive to assemble/construct/fold on site. It would be expensive to ship fully constructed ones, and it wouldn't be feasible for owners to store fully constructed pizza boxes. Plus not all pizza boxes are square - I've seen hexagonal and octagonal ones.

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pizza is round and the box is square because it needs space from pizza to not destruct the pizza.


because it is need occupies in space and ti has mass to protect the pizza round .


7 years ago

Pizza is round because if it were square, it would not cook evenly.

actually, at my old school they served only square pizza.

You realize that the answer you marked "Best" isn't even correct...it assumes the box would be the same size as the pizza, which is a poor design. The existing round pizza boxes (and they do exist), are all larger than the pie itself.

Of course, the irony of rewarding a pointless answer to a pointless question is almost as delicious as pizza itself.

because if it were round it would stick to the sides and be impossible to get out but since it is square you can get the knife in

The pizza dough round was traditionally formed by spinning the ball or dough to make it spread through centrifugal force.

I guess most are now rolled out so square is an option.

I once lived near a pizza shop that had round boxes ( round boxes??). They were made out of that recycled looking mache type of cardboard that some egg cartons are made from. They really soaked up the grease. The lids were separate though, which made things difficult whilst doing the drunken stagger home, especially if you are anything like me and carry your pizza under your arm like an LP record.

Try to draw a freehand circle. Now try a freehand square. The same concept applies.

Straight lines are easier to fold and thus ship, so they save money despite the slightly extra cost of materials that result in square boxes. Sometimes you'll see octogonal boxes too.