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why is instructables.com charging for membership? Answered

we think of it, build it, create it, write the instructions, we take the photos and videos, then post it on instructables.com and they get paid for your work. Whats wrong with this picture? GO TO YOUTUBE and get paid for posting your creations.


 Like many others, Instructables is not doing well in these tough economic times. I'm pretty sure that the Instructables staff didn't want  to make users have to pay (although you don't have to pay unless you go pro).

I might have read something wrong but it said if a PRO publishes an instructable then it will only come up to a PRO.  I am not totally sure, I might have read something wrong but that's what I got.

There is a catagory that only a Pro can see but judging from what I've seen from the pro's here they want the instructables to be open as possible.  None from what I can tell want to hide any of their knowledge.   But I maybe wrong since I'm not a pro and can't see what is in any of the hidden places.

You're not missing anything. Trust me.
"PRO" is for when you feel like contributing more than information to Instructables. Sure, there are a few extra features, but they don't compare to the feeling of having a hand in the welfare of such a great website.

I heard a similar story somewhere else in a magazine.  It was for a software that schools buy and used to see if students were plagiarizing work, it would check the internet and their online data base.  Every time a students work was entered and checked it would be added to their data base.  Some school's student felt this was wrong, they did the work but others were being payed for what they had done.  They sued them and the software company went bankrupt and folded up shop.  You might be able to sue Instructables but I have no idea.

Sue for what?

If you don't like the way it is being run then leave.

You can delete your instructable if you think you're being treated unfairly.

They are not taking anything away from you, just adding a few features that you have to pay for.

Go back and read the terms of use contract.

I not planning on leaving instructables.  It sounded similar to the story I posted above. 

If you don't like making Instructables and not getting paid for them, then just don't do it!

Basically, it's a service to others to make an Instructables. I always look at other's creations and they're instructions, most of which look very fun and easy to make!

Going Pro means that you want to help others even more. Plus, it's really fun having exra benifits in making 'ibles.

Please think about what question you typed up before you posting it!


8 years ago

you need to pay now?

Another accident victim(ologist) needing the waaahhmbulance.

Who is this "we" that has produced all the site's content?

You have made no comments, posted no topics, and produced no Instructables.

As has been pointed out already, you are not charged to join the site, or use the site's main features.  The vast majority of members only produce one or two projects, hardly worth the effort of creating your own website to show them off, and certainly without an already-existing audience of up to a quarter of a million hits per day.

Still, if you are so annoyed by some people choosing to pay, nobody is stopping you going another site that will publish your projects for free.

Not that one exists...

The site provides a publishing service, and associated messaging and community services. The paid-for features are in addition to the basic free service.
To get a better idea, think about trying to publish stuff yourself, create your own site with the same web-coverage and what that would cost you.
If you're not publishing stuff (you aren't) make do with the free service, restricted as it is.
The site is the business end of Instructables LLC which is a for-profit business, and paid subscriptions are part of the current business-plan.


It's still a free site.  You don't have to pay. 

If you go "pro" you get a few extras.  Like extra formatting in the comment editor, you can hand out patches and there is a private area for Pros.

But you can still post, answer look at instructables just like before even if you don't go pro.