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why is my computer telling me its time to die? Answered

hmmm i received several windows appearing that say simply "time to die" i wonder why? i figured it was someone outside of my computer accessing it. anyway to prevent this? more importantly, anyway to preserve my computer?


Screencap or it never happened.

hah this suddenly reminded me of the time we were playing nerf and I shouted Sit down and die! really loud and threw it full force at my wee bro, it got him in the chest and he fell on his butt, it was funny until he and I realised that I'd actually left him with a massive bruise on his chest...

A nerf ball, it's like an american football, except half sized, made of high density fowm with a fairly tough nose and a tail with fins, also it screams when you throw it hard, whistles on the sides... All you hear before you die are those whistles, my legion of jackalopes have been trained to use them...

Ha, I put Linux on my iPod and it once told me: "Unit is going to sleep forever." And I was like, crap.

Hire me as a bodygaurd.

What would you do? Cry on bad guys? Bleed on them?

Well, if someone was telling you "time to die", I would be a little concerned. Hide in your closet with a baseball bat, ==quick!==

It needs to be on a line of its own

like this

I think people should use this more often...

Did you use a stolen copy of windows or say Mac's are better in the same room as the computer, if not then you simply have a virus much like the ones written here except without the shutdown part, unless they attempted to do that and got the code wrong, think it's time to die, then the computer shuts down...

yea, that sounds about right. the screen just goes black but it remains on and you have to restart it then its fine. but it did this a long time before the time to die message. i think its funny cus i know its fake, it doesnt have the "microsoft" or something in the blue heading at the top. i wish i would have gotten a pic... i went into popup mode and exed it out as fast as i could but like 2 more popped up

Just take a screenshot and save it in paint... Lol it is kind of funny in some respects, if they'd added a maniacal laugh to be played on shutdown that would be good...

well, i had my camera to my left but i wasnt thinking enough lol that would be funny, as this is. i havent gotten any messages or popups so im not concerned anymore.

If you get a chance to go in to the startup system in C:/ or try ctrl + alt+ delete and looking for a suspect process, I do this every few hours on my computer, mainly because it's pissed about my murdering internet explorer so it runs insane processes behind my back

If you hit ctrl alt delete and look in the processes you may find your evil program once you know the name and have stopped use a file search to delete it

alrighty when do i press this. just whenever i want or is there a program i have to have open? or can i just do it when i turn it on and im at my desktop with no programs running?

Yeah that's the best time to do it because there'll be as little processes as possible running, just look for the suspect one, it could be under system or your user start though so just because the list says started by system don't ignore it...


Is what Doctor What said.

Well, I don't know about your computer, but that sounds pretty strange to me.
Maybe either you're currently under control (being hacked), or some of your friends (if you have friends) pulled a prank on you.

I'm just guessing.

Guesses are always the answer.


Those are some pretty effed up friends. I'd stay away from them if I were you...

hacking a computer is nowhere near effed up, i wish my friends stopped at my comp

It's not the hacking that bugs me, it's the "time to die". I wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks.

Well, there is a lot of computer prank Instructables on Instructables....

Yeah, but I'm the paranoid type. If someone hacks into my computer and says, "time to die", I get scared. It wouldn't bother me as much if it were something like, "you're a retard", or some other derrogatory thing.

Maybe your computer is really depressed and is thinking about killing itself. lol jk

Maybe it doesn't like you. You could always call the computer place.

You could always call the computer place.


"PCWorld? Yes! Help! my computer is telling me it's time to die!!"

That would be hilarious!

do you have any games that might display that message? If so, maybe it was caught in a loop at the time?

I had this happen to me twice, a few hours after the game had been shut down :-)


10 years ago

Get a firewall, Jetico make some good ones (go for the older freeware version though)

dude, your getting hacked.....go download some AV and get a external firewall and a internal firewall..... that should fix it.

well, i dont have any friends smart enough(except zach...) i thought about taking a picture a little too late sadly... i hope they pop up again. i mighnt just let this unfold so hopefully he will have to get a new computer.

Same thing happened to me ten minutes ago. I had just started my computer. Strange...

Can you take a picture of it ? Have you seen anybody in black cars wearing black suits (eg; The sopranos....lol) To go with that have you angered someone lateley ? Do you have mac or pc or Linux....? The easiest way to preserve your computer is to unplug it....


Do some anti virus scanning GET A FIREWALL and when you get a firewall check the logs and figure out the IP of the bastered then you could:
-Beat him at his own game
-Call your ISP and give them the number you suspect.....
-Just sit there......

I really cant help you If you need help your going to have to gimmie some more details

You haven't ticked anyone off lately have you? Didn't accidentally hit someones mother with a car, or told a friend that his girlfriend was cheating on you etc?