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why is my solar garden light flashing? Answered

hey guys
i brought a solar garden light the other day so i would have soft light on my table when playing video games in the dark mostly so i can see my drink and food an not have to get up turn the light on or fumble around potentially making a mess. it worked fine then i had an idea to boost the "cool" factor change the LED out for a red one so i did and now it lasts a hour actually 45 minutes to an hour then it starts to flash five seconds on 5 seconds after another hour it'll be 5 seconds on 180 seconds off  i think roughly an ad break on New Zealand television.
is it the 1.2v nicd 600mAh battery?
i thought it should just be brighter seeing as the white one should be rated at 3.5v 20mA?
and the red at 2.0v or less?
can i replace the battery with a more powerful one without having to modify the actual electronics?
thank you


These supply very little current and use a form of joule thief to make it large enough to light the LED. ,P. More than likely the red LED is draining the battery too fast and cause the joule thief to cut in and out causing the flashing.

The LEds are carefully matched to the circuit/battery combination. Although rated at 20 mA I doubt the original LED was drawing that amount of current.

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Next thing that happens is it stops working altogether.
As you go from red to blue to white to UV, the voltage across the LED goes up. If you've replaced something with red you've dropped the voltage and it's shifting more current.
Put e.g. sweet-wrappers on the thing if you want red or add a resistor.


yes, it doesn't work at all now with the original LED only about 10minutes after a full sunny day. the red LED goes all the time now just really dim

I am not clairvoyant, I just know a few things...


you switched the led with a more energy consuming one