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why is our wireless router crashing? Answered

recentely we have had our router shut down on us. we recently got a ps3 and have hardwired it so it dosnt have to use the wifi. however at any given point in time we have up to 3 computers, our wifi capable cable box, and our ps3/wii accesing the interntet. our router is a series wireless - G 2.4 Ghz and i blieve that it is shutting itsself down because of over crowding. can anyone confirm/ have any ideas on what to do about this as this is extreamy annoying. any help is greatly appreciated thank you!



Best Answer 7 years ago

In my experience you have a couple options:

As others mentioned, overheating, whether caused by overloading it (data-wise) or not. Generally, unless you're storing it IN a box while using it, it won't generally overheat unless:

Hardware failure - it happens. solid state electronics should last a long time, but the components in them often let the magic smoke out by poor design (or worse, intentional poor design).

Software/firmware bug/failure. If it's crashing often, I recommend checking out firmware upgrades. I installed custom firmware on my router -- DD-wrt for my wrt54-g. make sure to check compatability lists. The reason I got it was the watchdog daemon (program) that ran on the router. if it seemed to crash, it would automatically reboot. everyone would lose connectivity for 30 seconds every week or so. It also scheduled reboots once a week in the wee hours of the morning to ensure it started fresh and any bugs didn't proliferate.

Solutions: If its software, consider new firmware, or even a factory reset to the default settings - there might be something in there making it sad

Hardware, you can either attempt cooling it (my old router needed a fan on it to suck additional air thru, since I also overclocked it.

As for overloading it - hardly possible unless it is already having heat problems as others mentioned -- it will just start dropping packets and slowing the connection, not crashing generally.

Worst case scenario: get a new one They're cheap these days.

Check with the manufacturer. There may be a firmware bug, and they may have a fix. If they don't, and the problem isn't heat, you may want to consider another router.

. My first guess is that it's not getting enough airflow and is overheating. I doubt if you are putting too much load on the router, but I suppose it's possible.

Well, more load could cause it to work harder and thus overheat...