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why is pokemon so friend eliminating? my friends think im wierd!!! what's their problem? Answered

i told my friend i played pokemon, and all of a sudden he said,
     "pokemon, is stupid. you put animals in balls and throw them at other animals in balls. they make a drawing, that looks like a real animal, and spell its name backwards and call it a pokeman."
whats so bad about that?!




6 years ago

to be quite honest, if your friend says things like that to u then their not worth being friends with
i had a friend who told me i was a dork (not directly, but she meant it that way) because i write stories. i the end, i wanted nothing to do with her

your friend might not have meant it that way, or could have been joking
but if they keep going on about it and giving you a hard time, i'd suggest you stop hanging around with them, their not worth it

PS...i played pokemon for years, i loved torterras :)


6 years ago

How old are you?

How many other kids in your school are into it?

How much do you talk about it?