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why is the actuator not working!? Answered

Hello All,

I have setup the stage for the Firgelli actuator L12 -I,
using an Arduino Mega + Adafruit Motor Shield (please take a look at pictures).
I tested the circuit with a motor and the Adafruit "DC Motor" example code: it works.
I then replaced the motor with the actuator using the same code: it does not work!!
I would very much appreciate your help.



The basic motor is single phase. Looks like your actuator is using a dual phase stepper motor. So you will need to use the stepper motor code. Also make sure the actuator isn't going to overload the controller. That motor shield is vary limited and can burn out easily. It's meant more for playing around with small things not to be used in a larger scale project. There is a good chance your actuator will burn it out.

sorry, here is the picture....

not sure why it was not attached, I did try it last night.

motor + actuator.jpg

4 years ago

Does the actuator use a servo or a stepping motor, rather than a regular DC motor? That could be the problem...

(You seem to have missed the pictures)