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why is the o/d light blinking on my 97 ford taurus? Answered

transmission wont shift into overdrive




9 years ago

There's obviously something worn or faulty in the transmission: get it looked at by a professional. If you knew how to fix it you wouldn't be asking, so you'll have to get someone else to fix it anyway? L


Answer 8 years ago

I have a 1999 ford countor. Its got a crap load of miles now the question is, does the car like shift very hard and then the od light starts to flash or does it do it from the time the car is started. If it does it from the time the car is started it just maybe a over drive switch problem. Now if its the first shift very hard and then the light comes on, well my freind its time for a transimission rebuild. These cars use very simular transmissions but I suggest the rebuild option over a junk yard transmission. You will have more time involved with trying to find a replacement that matches and all of that. Find a shop with a good rep. Forget the dealership, they just would farm it out to a indepent shop reinstall it and charge a mark up sometimes a major one.... I hope this helps some, Johnathan