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why my nintendo dsi isnt charging? Answered

i have my dsi for adout 2 years and today when i put it in the charger the orange light didn't light up .I try cleaning the connector but nothing hapend.i also test the charger output with a multimetter is its working fine


Hm.... Is your plug connected properly into the wall? That may be the problem.

If it's not, you could have:
A.Broken the LED somehow
B.Blown a fuse inside your DSi
C.Need a new battery (eBay it)
D.May have dirty contacts in your battery compartment

To see if it's just your LED, plug your DSi in and turn it on. If you see a charging symbol on the upper right corner of the screen, then the LED is bad and your DSi is charging fine.
If it's not the LED, it could be the fuse. But that's probably not the problem, because your whole DSi wouldn't power up or do anything at all
More then likely you need a new rechargable battery. You can buy one directly from Nintendo, but eBay or Amazon are much cheaper.
Dirty contacts could also be preventing your game system from charging. Open up your battery compartment, and take out the battery (BUT! Doing this will reset the system. Meaning you'll have to put in favorite color, name, birthday, etc. again. Your Wi-Fi info should still be there, as well as your download games). If theres dirt on the contacts or erosion, simply take a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alchohol (90% isopropyl, preferably) and wipe off the contacts. Put battery back in and test to see if it will charge.

Then, if push comes to shove, send it in to Nintendo and they'll probably be able to fix it.

Hope I helped.

is there a chance that the charger to be the problem becouse i give it to a the shop that i get it and they said that the problem is on the charger but when i test the connector of the charger with a multimeter i got aroun 5 volts

The USB charger could be the problem. I suggest you buy a new wall charger. They have 'em at GameStop for pretty cheap usually. But in the meantime, I suggest not using the USB charger anymore.

The USB one, yes. But somehow it may have affected your ability to charge the DSi. I think you should at least TRY buying a new charger. If it works, yay, if it doesn't you can just return it. If you got it from GameStop, their usually good about their returns.

so the usb charger "kill" the battery? and now i have to get a new one?

Yes. I beleive so. I would try a new wall charger. And possibly a new battery.

Like I was saying before, if you buy a used DSi wall charger from GameStop, and it doesn't work, if you explain to them your situation they'll usually let you reurn it and get a full refund.

thank you very much for the help

and no, i didn't buy the charger from gamestop but to be more sure that the problem is the battery or the charger i wil try charging a friends dsi whith my charger to be sure it doesnt work

Maybe the DSi is COMPLETELY dead and the DSi system doesn't have enough power to turn on the orange LED.

Hope this helps!

I bought my 3ds yesterday and it's not charging: ') it was charginh perfecty but now it stopped charging , i changed the usb and got the same result

It may be not plugged In properly

or It could be a frayed wire in the charger.

Or it could also be that your Dsi is allready fully charged.
or you may need a new battery.

You might want to try reading the manual that came with it,

If you dont have it Im positive someone posted it on the internet.

Im hoping that yours isnt dead. Mine is almost 2 years old too.

Try changing the batteries before doing anything. 2 years is a good amount of time for chargable batteries to get dead.

and the protection circuit in a lithium battery will just work work work, then stop. no noticable degredation is required for the internal chip to say its game over. New batteries can be had for cheap online. (I recommend dealextreme)

should the dsi turn on if the battery is removed and the charger pluged in.

i also bought about 2 days ago a usb charger for the dsi , is there any way that be the problem becouse before get it, i had no problems

No, the DSi won't turn on without the battery.

And yes, actually, that may be the problem. I know that with a lot of 3rd party accesories (Such as USB chargers) you can do damage to your charging slot of your DSi one way or another.
You may have bent a pin in the charging hole, or you may have blown the fuse in it. Either way, the USB charger is probably to blame. I only reccomend using official Nintendo chargers, or at least 3rd party chargers with good reviews.

i bough a new charger and a new battery but nothing hapened.the dsi again isn't charging and to make sure that the battery and the charger is working i test it on one other dsi and the battery was charging .sould i send it to NINTENDO or can i repair it my shelf?

Hmm... So this helps me narrow down your answer. I think it may be the slot that the charger cord actually goes into. You know what I'm talking about, right? It's the little metal thing on the DSi that you put your cord into. There may be a bent pin inside of there, or maybe even a clod of dirt.
 What you should do is get a cotton swab (Q-Tip), and dip it into rubbing alcohol. The Q-Tip shouldn't be dripping with alcohol after (Squeeze the tip to assure that it won't drip).  Doing this will clean out the insides of the port and polish it up.
 After you've cleaned the port, I suggest flashing a bright flashlight into the port, just to be certain that it isn't a bent pin, or a stuck piece of dirt or sand that's causing your problem.

Please, come back with your resluts! o3o  =)

i cleaned the slot and make it as a new one! and i also checked the port for beted pins and all looks very whel but i still can't charge it :(

Good (well, not for you). I now know what it is: There's something internal thats broken on your DSi. Have you ever dropped it? Or bumped it? Sometimes important wires or fuses (I know, I'm saying fuses a lot. But the DSi has alot of them, so it's easy for them to blow).

SOOOO what should i do now??

and yes i have dropped it on time but it was long time ago

Call Nintendo. Their customer service phone number is (U.S. and I think Canada only): 1-800-255-3700. Call them, tell them whats happening, and they can give you an estimate of how much your repair will cost, and maybe, if your still under warranty, give you a free repair. Have your system near you when you call them, to ensure that the proccess will go smoothly.
Of course, a much cheaper way is (Unless your under warranty) to simply buy a DSi off of eBay with a broken upper screen, then take out the bottom components and attach it to your old DSi. This takes some skill, however, and some sauldering.
Calling up Nintendo is your best bet. Sorry, man.

thank you very very much

i today send it to nintendo and now i am waiting......

now that i got back my nintendo dsi fixed can you give me a link with a dsi usb charging cable that will not make anything to my dsi becouse i realy need it!


Ok, awesome.
Ah, I wouldn't use a USB charger, if I were you. Just use a wall charger, such as the one that came with your DSi.
But, well, if you aboslutley HAVE to have a USB charger, I'll do some research around the internet for you.

Okay, so I did some research, and I found this:


It's a USB charger that got the best reviews for DSi (5 stars).

Definitely possible the usb charger broke it...can't rule that out or say that it did.

It *should* run with no battery and power supplied. I can't test.