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why should i get an airsoft gun? Answered




4 years ago

When I was a kid it was the thing to play cowboy and Indians. For the cowboys there were cap pistols. I discovered I could make mine louder by putting multiple caps where the hammer hit the anvil. 4, 5, 6, it was really a big bang. Then I broke the gun because it blew the hammer off. As an Indian you would get a bow and arrows. The arrows had rubber suction cups on the tips so they would stick to things. We thought they were a lot more realistic with the rubber not there. But they did hurt more when the Indians got you. Then we had an even better idea. We took all the arrows and used a pencil sharpener to give them a really nice point. Then we shot some things we shouldn't have. The Indians got disarmed, the cowboys had guns that wouldn't go bang. It was game over.

lol that was a funny story

because airsoft is a fun sport to play

If you don't know why you need one, you don't need one.

If you can't think of arguments to persuade your parents to let you have an airsoft gun, then you *really* don't need one.

why do you need one if you dont know what you need one for

Psst... I wasn't the one who asked the question.

ohh i should pay more attention to stuff like that


4 years ago

May be get a soft air nug instead.

The industrial military complex (Daddy Warbucks) is dependent on getting children to accept the idea that it is OK to shoot someone in the face. Why should you be allowed to escape from your pre basic training? Why settle for one when you can get a whole arsenal?

if the author wants to pretend to be in the Miltiary, they would have asked what floor buffer to get.

The whole thing is a poor idea - you must have better things to do with your money.

If you needs to ask others, do you need it?

So you shoot your friends and all they'll get is a bruise and its like call of duty in real life.

If you don't have a reason to get one then don't get one. Simple as that.